2011-Choosing the right landscaper or contractor in Utah

1) How do you feel when he or she talks and answers to your questions?   2) Does the company carry enough insurance to cover the job and the house in case of a total loss if there ever was an accident, min. of 2 million?   3) Is the company Creative, competitive, honest and does the workers have experience, tools and equipment? 4) Do they have a Utah Contractors License, www.dopl.com?  5) Have you checked their vendor list or check where they buy the most from. This will tell you if they pay their bills on time or if they owe a lot, or behind on payments and bills, ask about their reputation.  6) Did you go with them to see more than 10 jobs to see what they can do and not? 7) Do there have a website with a lot of pictures of different ideas and projects? 8) How many years in business? 9) Do they own their own equipment or rent it.   www.chrisjensenlandscaping.com    Call or text Chris@ 1-801-718-5001


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