Soil preperation before the sod is layed.

Soil Preparation Guide

  1. Preparing your soil is necessary to establishing a drought-tolerant lawn. Soil preparation can only be done once before laying your sod. Follow these guidelines to increase your success.
  2. Clear all weeds and debris from area. (Use Round-Up or other weed killers to remove pesky weeds. Follow all warnings and guidelines on product.)
  3. Spread at least one 50-lb. bag of  high concentrate compost (4-6-4) per 1,000 square feet. Add soil amendment (ten 50-lb bags per 1,000 square feet).
  4. Rototill evenly 4 inches deep into existing soil. This is very important to maintaining deep root systems and proper water run-off.
  5. Level and grade entire area. Soil should be graded to about one inch below concrete.
  6. Water soil allow proper settling of ground.
  7. Rake and level low spots left from soil setting.
  8. We recommend installing an automated sprinkler system if you don’t already have one.
  9. Lightly rake soil before installation to allow proper contact between sod and soil.
  10. Visit or call 18017185001 for help choosing and ordering the best lawn for you.
  11. Make sure soil preparation is complete before your sod arrives. Sod is perishable and should be installed within 24 hours of delivery. (See new sod care section for more details.)

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