Word to the wise

1)  Filling up your car/SUV at the pump—When filling gas at the pump. Please be aware of the green handle pumps. Those are for diesel trucks. These trucks usually have trailers with equipment on them. The green handled pumps are most of the time on the farthest of the pumps. Please be aware of them now. We always have to wait for those cars that run on gas to move. Thanks

2) Don’t use the cheapest wind shield wipers. When I snow plow I need the best blade. So I did an experiment. I put a cheap blade on the right and a more expensive blade on the left. The more expensive blade worked 5 times better. Bosch is the brand that seems to be pretty reliable.

3) Green grass=Fertilize With Iron-February 1 is the best time to apply Iron 5%+ to your grass. Make sure you don’t get it on the concrete. It will make little brown rust marks. It will green it up about the middle of march. Your neighbors will be so jealous.

4)Pre-emergents-This word is use to prevent weeds in the grass. Best time to apply is February 15ish. This will prevent most other grasses to form and spread. This will help to prevent dandelions. Be careful not to over spread the pre-emergents. It will hurt the germination of the perennials.

5) Let the Professionals/Contractors do the work. It will be cheaper in the long run.

6) When you contact a contractor and you ask for a Proposal/Bid. If you go with another company please be nice enough to call them and tell them why you went with the other company. This will help those companies that didn’t get awarded the bid the change or improve.

7) When working with a contractor-Just remember that every company has its flaws. So don’t expect a perfect company. Ask that company what their biggest problems are and how they are working on to change or correct the problem. We have our issues that we face in the landscaping world. Things die unexpectedly. Thing move, grow, change, expand, get hot and cold, get wet and dry, wind moves and the season’s change.  A lot of my products are plastic. I do my best to take care of my past, present and future clients.

8) Concrete/cement and cement curbing fades color and cracks in our climate. The best way to help protect the concrete is to seal it once a year.

9) When hiring a contractor-Check there insurance to make sure the coverage covers the cost of the project. Has the knowledge, experience and man power to do the job right and on time. Check to make sure that they have workers comp on there employees. Check to see if there contractors license is current from DOPL. If there renting there equipment or if they own it. Make sure that the contractors subs, (people the contractor hires) has all the the same paper work. This will keep the playing field even.


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